Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where are they now?

Back when a fan club was a newsletter that got mailed to your house, and not just a Facebook page, I actually had one. It was in the Starcrossed and Wasted days before Beautiful Corpse... you know.... when I made money and had a future in this business. Anyway, it was run by this really keen little kid, Brian Warner. I used to reply to his letters because he was so into it and he ran the fan club for free and that was a lot of work. It was like having a rabid little press agent working for free. So Brian is all about finding out about by personal life, which I wasn't really big on sharing. But he uncovers this gig I had on a cruise ship. It was horrible music, but the pay was regular and I hadn't sold anything at that point. The funny thing was I didn't perofrm under my real name, the little fucker figured it out from an old promotional poster for the act. So he askes me "Are you Charles Monroe?" And I have to admit I was blown away and a little freaked out, but I decided no harm could come of it because it was ancient history. So I admit I did perform as Charles Monroe for a while. Brian askes me where I got that name from and I tell him, "It is Charles Manson and Marylin Monroe" you put those two parts of their names together and you get something so banal no one would ever notice it. It was perfect for a guy who wanted to disappear." He thought that was pretty stupid, and that I should have used the other two names because it sounded cooler. I don't think he understood what I was trying to do, but then Brian was all about fame and fortune and couldn't grasp the concept of desired anonymity. Nice kid though, I wonder where he is now?

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