Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Cat in the Hat

Let's jump into the Wayback Machine and visit the ghosts of Christmas past. It is the summer of 1977 and I was fuckyerself years old. I was at a social funtion at Marc Bolan's house and saw this hat that he wore in the picture they used for the greatest hits album cover. I thought it was cool and put it on and proceeeded to strut around asking people to "Get it on and bang my gong". It's all fun and games until someone falls in the pool. Long story short the hat is fucked and I'm the asshole. I apologize profusely and feel like a complete shit, but what can I do the damage is done. So I get a hold of a friend of mine who did some really nice custom wardrobe stuff for Bowie, and ask her to make me a new hat for Bolan as a gift. Big top hat, really cool, I did a basic drawing and she really brought it to life. I really enjoyed the creative process and considered a clothing line about this time. The only bummer was she had a kid running around and he stole my Zippo, the little shit. Given my legendary inability to get my shit together it's November and I still haven't had a chance to pick it up even though she's had it ready since before Halloween. I think I was overseas on tour with Aerosmith. When I get back the unthinkable has happened and Marc is gone. So I'm all fucked up about it, and I never have the heart to pick up the hat. I had already paid Ola for it, so I abandoned it there and never thought about it again. Until the mid-eighties of course when it resurfaced, perched precariously atop Slash's head. I guess his Mom held on to it and he found it at some point. I don't know I've never spoken to the man. He can have the hat, but he owes me a fucking lighter.

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