Thursday, January 19, 2012

Generation WTF should go to number 1 with a bullet

This will be the first generation that is going to be faced with the fact that their elders, their forefathers, their ancestors, had a big fucking party and they are left having to clean it up. We have traditionally had more than our parents. Better toys, better standard of living, more money. But these kids may very well end up having much less. I have said I think that after Generation X and Generation Y the next gang of kids coming up should be called Generation WTF. That being said I think the scariest is what is being done about it. Fuck all.

People have so many new and exciting ways to get their voices heard. They tweet, they blog, they comment on Facebook statuses. I do it too, hell I am doing it right now. But here is what scares me, the people who confuse that with actually "doing something".

You can compose the most biting condemnation of a political figure's behavior and tweet the shit out of it, they won't really care. You can pontificate on the true nature of secret world orders in your blog and then post links to youtube videos that support your claims on Facebook, it won't matter. You can be really bold, and find someone posting something you find foolish, erroneous or downright evil and comment on it with absolutely searing rhetoric. So what?

There was a time when if the common man thought the people in charge were excessively corrupt or oppressive they got out of the house, quietly walked to where the oppressors actually lived, and shot them in the head. It served two important purposes. It stopped whatever oppressive behavior the common man in question found so objectionable. It also sent out a message to the next leader to dial the oppression back a bit or... you know... bang bang.

Now when we see injustice, we tweet. We post. We comment. Scary stuff kids.

That being said, in a world where we feel like our voice being heard through social media validates our existence, the only people out shooting are the ones who feel ignored. The disenfranchised dawn trenchcoats and shoot up school cafeterias. Pointless killing with the only goal being simple recognition. A cry for help lost in the din of the crowd.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying everyone should grab a deer rifle and head to the nearest clocktower. I'm thinking more grassy knoll. And it doesn't have to be everybody. If 1 out of every 99 regular folks took out just one of the 1%, we could have this shit cleaned up in a week. And really if you just take out 15% of the 1%, that is only 0.15%, that would probably go a long way to getting the rest of them to get their minds right. So how many of us common people need to step up to make that work? Roughly 1 in 666.

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