Monday, December 05, 2011

Review: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I just watched this on DVD, and have to admit I don't get it. People were buzzing this as a really great documentary, very deep and interesting. Sorry Charlie, it just isn't. Have you ever seen the YouTube video with the guy tweaking out over a double rainbow? Who hasn't? Well that's what this movie movie reminded me of. French people trying to convince me my mind was being blown.
Generic french science type guy - Wow man, it's a 30,000 year old painting...whoooooaaa... that's so old. It's like older than anything else I have ever seen. It's freaking me out... it's like they are talking to me across a vast expanse of time and saying "look at these horses" know?
And then there is the circus juggler turned scientist....WTF?
At one point the guy leading the cave expedition tells everybody to shut up, he needs silence. You assume it is for some serious scientific reason, but he just wants to listen to cave silence. Maybe we will hear our heartbeat... maybe we will hear the cave artists' heartbeats....whoooooaaa that's fucked up man.
And then it gets really tangental and some guy takes us out and shows us a naturally occuring arch of rock over the river and talks about how it blows his mind. And it probably blew the cave painters' minds too. Hey wait a arch shaped natural phenomena... it's a prehistoric rainbow rock!!! Whooooa that DID just blow my mind. Like we are looking at the same rock rainbow the cave dudes looked at.....I think I might cry, or pee, or puke. Fuck.
Save your money and just watch the double rainbow guy again. I think there is a Songified version that is pretty funny too.

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